Ludwig Schwarzer - Der Planet, 1977
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THIS IS A GRAPHIC I MADE MONTHS AGO I’M REPOSTING NOW (because sadly this is still relevant). text is also the same as last time.
hey readers,this is not the usual fare on my blog so i apologize in advance and please bear with me. i’d like to bring your attention to something that has made me sad and angry for some time now, and i can no longer shut up about it. the fact that this lady is building an entire business based on stolen designs. behold this sad sight ..^^^
now artists are always inspired by each other, drawing on each other’s energies and this is as it should be. when you are learning a new craft copying the works of others is extremely useful. as a teenager i copied works of schiele, bauer, bilibin, brian froud and manga artists clamp to name a few. hints of their influence can still be seen in my work. the important disctinction is i knew those copies were done for practice and kept them around my room never showing them to anyone. if i had showed them around i would’ve said “look here’s a copy of bilibin’s vasilisa drawing, i made it for practice”. not “here is some of my work. pay me for it”.a few years ago i had someone steal a lot of my art style and seeing their work, new or old, hurts me to this day. hurts as in i’ve cried about it countless times and if they hadn’t done it my art may have taken a different direction. i know this make me sounds like a drama queen! but it’s the truth and i really want others to think twice about this thing so i’m sharing the fact of how much it hurt me in the hopes that it will make people think twice before supporting stolen work.this is why i want to bring your attention to the above graphics. bloodmilk  is a true artist who clearly cites her inspirations: surrealism, victorian mourning jewels and her own life story. if you read the descriptions in her shop you’l see that here’s someone who thinks deeply about their art deserves the success that has come their way. little sister designs has blatantly stolen her whole aesthetic. please think twice before supporting a ripoff. i see the work of little sister designs posted on instagram a lot, i’m not sure whether i dare talk about this on there because drama can flare up so quickly in that medium. but i had to say something somewhere.let’s support ART and ORIGINALITY and HARD WORK. not ripoffs. it’s one thing to make a jewel or two (or a drawing) inspired by someone else. look closely at these shops and you will see that there is nothing original about the second one. i hope little sister designs finds their own voice and i don’t mean to spread hate, i just want people to stop sharing and supporting the work of this person.thanks for reading xoxo

Signal boosting. I’m not looking to stir up drama, but copying other people’s work and passing it off as your own is RUDE and SMALL-MINDED. Support the original artists.
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dude i hope you know that “je suis le pain” translates into “i am the bread”

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